1. januar 2019

Godt nytår!

Citerer Charles Dickens (altså ikke den CD):

As far as Bond actors go, I’d say:

Sean Connery – Best. Most Bond-like aura; good, solid physique, effortlessly managed serious and comic demands.

George Lazenby – Not bad, but does not suit the part. Lacks magnetism.

Roger Moore – BEST voice ever (gentleman-like, deep, resonant, graceful), cheeky, mischievous, smooth; very good overall

Timothy Dalton – Too serious, silent and reserved. Does not “seem” like Bond, though he definitely looked the part.

Pierce Brosnan – Extremely good, gave a strangely sensitive quality to the character; handsome, suave – but only 1 great movie.

Daniel Craig – Gruff, growling, sweaty – not very Bond-like, is basically a walking revisionism. Too gloomy.

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