13. juli 2018

MeToo vil ødelægge favoriseringen af kvinderne

Når visse af de kvikke kvinder instinktivt hader MeToo-bevægelsen, har det en ganske kynisk logik. Citerer Keres 5151:

Sandman says its a rigged game where the male managers white knight for the female workers, with easy jobs etc, etc and the male workers are fodder. Yes that is human nature to a point. But as #MeToo grows so too will wary males managers start to see through what is potentially an explosive situation. #MeToo is an overt attack on the Alpha male. Females are going after Top Dog so there is kind of evolution of sorts (Hollywood will collapse now that this campaign has taken hold, who would want to engage these princesses?). There is no doubt that 80% of males miss out on females in this crazy feminized world (unless you are smart enough to realize that this is a blessing in disguise), but when women go after the hand that feeds them then the following will happen. More and more Alpha males will go MGTOW as the female employee will be seen as the one that can destroy your business through a false sexual harassment charge or a false rape charge. This BS is happening a lot and business men by their nature weigh things up, they will no longer buy into female entitlement. The risk factor is too high, way too high, so putting yourself in the position of victim as the boss may mean the end of the female gravy train. White Knighting days are numbered, in one or two generations, the deferment to females will be over and so will all their privileges. Females, the feminized hypocrisy, are the seeds of their own destruction. When they gain true equality in the future, when they are valued on performance alone, when the bias towards women ends, then all their games will be exposed. MGTOW is shining a light on female nature but it has only just begun. As we dive deeper into female nature we are finding a labyrinth of twisted, perverted thinking so there is no shortage of content for Sandman and others to exploit for entertainment. Yes MGTOW will grow incredibly quickly now that the choice is clear. Become hard, go MGTOW!

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